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What is ChromaLuxe?

What is ChromaLuxe?

In short – it’s a trademark for prints on metal and wood, using dye sublimation technique.

“Luxe” in the name though is not a coincidence. Chromaluxe is widely recognized as the leading brand of the highest quality print mediums.

It allows you to preserve images in superb resolution, with vibrant colours and photo lab quality contrast. One can`t get any better results with prints on these materials! Overwhelmingly positive reviews confirm that.

No wonder Chromaluxe is used by museums, galleries, artists and photographers. Trusted by businesses and designers all around the world.

If you’re looking for the best quality prints on metal and wood – look no further.

The original.

Developed in the USA, where research and development takes place and all the coatings as well as substrates are produced.

Louisville KY – that`s where all the secrets are kept and all the hard work is done to always be ahead of competition.

Chromaluxe is not afraid to test its products in independent labs. Metal prints are certified for their highest longevity on the market (65 years for prints on aluminium!)

The resilient one.

Thanks to its coatings and the well thought out technological process it is also highly resistant. Coating protects from UV and scratches, metal prints can even withstand some exposure to fire!

Constant sunlight, rainy environment, heat or cold have virtually no effect on those prints!

High resistance makes ChromaLuxe highly usable both indoors and outdoors.

What’s more – these are easy to clean – just wipe them with a cloth and all-purpose cleaning liquid. No need to keep them in glass, as with paper and fabric prints!

Praised by ecologically conscious

Chromaluxe is a company with values. Thanks to advanced R&D it manages to be best at what it does with no harm to our planet.

Coatings contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Materials chosen are recyclable and from sustainable sources

Manufacturing produces no chemical emissions

Low energy light bulbs are used in all plants and low energy process is in place for curing the coating

ChromaLuxe takes part in many green initiatives, like “Horizonte” environmental photography festival or Anya Arti`s “Air Pollution” project.


Available in many shapes, sizes and forms. Check our offer to see the whole range!

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