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Sublimation technique

Sublimation technique

Sublimation is one of the printing methods that allows photorealistic reproduction of image details and graphics, while ensuring accurate reproduction of colours and complex patterns in the full range of colours. For this reason, the sublimation technique is commonly used to create high quality decorative materials.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation printing is a technique that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology which enables reproduction of full-colour images on many different surfaces.

Colour sublimation on hard surfaces – e.g. on ChromaLuxe aluminium panels – is made possible by covering these surfaces with innovative coatings during the production process. The coatings provide a permanent blend of transferred pigments with the panel in high resolution.

Instead of printing images directly on a metal surface that can easily be scratched or damaged, the image is sublimated to a coating that provides lasting protection for the print. During the printing process, the printing dyes are applied to the coating using high temperature and high pressure.

Advantages of sublimation

Sublimation on metal panels, textiles, ceramics or wood provides many benefits.

Flexibility of use

One of the key advantages of sublimation is that it can be used for printing on many different materials and surfaces – including rough and porous surfaces.

Exact reproduction of patterns and colours

The application of graphics in the process of sublimation makes it possible to print complex and extremely complicated patterns in their full range of colours. Sublimation printing allows you to transfer photographs, images and complex graphics to almost any printing surface.

Durability and age resistance

Using high temperature and pressure to transfer the sublimation ink guarantees its high resistance to mechanical damage, chemicals and UV radiation. Printouts created by sublimation method do not fade or lose their original colours even when exposed directly to the sun.

Easy project preparation

It is also important that preparing a project before printing is relatively simple, fast and cheap, thanks to which sublimation printing can be used for printing any kind of graphic materials.

Moisture resistance

Sublimation prints on metal panels are completely moisture resistant due to their non-porous nature. They are therefore an ideal advertising medium and are suitable for use as a decoration outside of buildings, in bathrooms, kitchens and wherever there is a humid climate.

Easy cleaning

Aluminium panels printed by sublimation can be easily cleaned with bleach, vinegar, ammonia or common cleaning agents without fear of damaging the print. This makes it extremely easy to keep them clean.

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