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Discover the advantages of printing on metal

Discover the advantages of printing on metal

Metal is an extremely durable and resistant material, which is frequently used to create promotional and advertising materials for both the outside and inside of buildings. Find out why it is worth using the metal printing service!

Printing on aluminium panels is a perfect way to decorate your home and office with style.

Aluminium panels are an excellent carrier of beautiful and high quality graphics, photographs, prints and other materials for both domestic and commercial use – e.g. in offices or commercial premises.

It is possible to print graphic designs on aluminium panels of various shapes, sizes and finishes. This allows the application to be precisely tailored to the customer’s needs and the specifics of the room where the aluminium decoration is to hang.

Beauty in every way

What makes modern metal prints stand out is the possibility of obtaining exceptionally vivid colours and deep blacks. What is more, prints on aluminium panels are resistant to fading, yellowing and other aging changes caused by sunlight.

Aluminium panels for printing can be finished in high gloss, semi-gloss, matt and can be textured, which further increases the possibilities of personalisation and customisation of the decoration. In addition, the edges of the panel can be chamfered or rounded. There are different bases to be applied to the panel – it can be brushed, transparent or matt.

The graphic possibilities of printing on metal are almost endless.

Durability for years

One of the biggest advantages of metals – including aluminium panels which act as the base for the print – is their exceptional durability and resistance to aging processes. Few materials commonly used in the decorative and advertising industry provide such excellent strength parameters.

Aluminium panels and the graphics printed on them are fully resistant to adverse weather conditions (if the panel is located outside the building). Moreover, the material is not sensitive to chemicals and provides high resistance to scratches and mechanical damage.

It is also worth noting their fire resistance, thanks to which decorations printed on aluminium panels do not spread fire during a fire.

Thanks to such strength parameters, printed aluminium panels provide incomparable durability and resistance, which would be difficult to obtain for plastic materials or traditional paintings on canvas.

Light and recycled

Contrary to appearances, aluminium panels are a lightweight material which can be successfully hung on any wall and in any place – regardless of its load capacity.

Furthermore, all aluminium panels produced by ChromaLuxe are recycled and reusable. When you order such a decoration, you can be sure that it is produced in harmony with the environment.

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